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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Religion, Superstition or Just Plain PANIC!!

Is it me, or is there something unseemly about the idea bashing a statue of Jesus’ adopted earthly father into the hard soil with a hammer on the hopes that it’ll help move your home?

Read this comical, yet somewhat sad excerpt from HDTV’s Buying and Selling Homes Forum.


Have you heard about burying a small statue of St Joseph upside down in the front yard to sell your house? Well I did it with the house before this and it did sell and I currently buried a St Joseph with this house. I do say my prayer to St.Joseph everyday. Sounds crazy but a few people I have spoken to have sold their houses in less than 2 weeks and they swear by St Joseph. I know it sounds crazy but I figured anything that works in selling a house is fair game!( you can purchase a small statue of St Joseph at your local Catholic gift shop they only run like a buck unless you get the "St Joseph house selling kit)

Response 1:

Yes I have heared of it and it worked. House was up for sale could't sell it we buried the statue and it sold! We dug up the statue and still have it. It was worth it.

Response 2:

He's been buried in my yard since July.

Response 3:

It worked for us.

Response 4:

We did not burry anything but we sure did pray a lot.

Response 5:

It worked for us too! He is still outside buried upside down until we close! I also have one in the window. I say the prayer everyday too.

There's no place like home...

Response 6:

I have bought several for friends, who have their homes on the market. The St. Joseph Statue kits sell for under $4.00 on E-Bay and do make a great gift to someone selling a home. Maybe all real estate agents should keep cases of them!!

Understand once your house is sold, you are to bring the St. Joseph statue into your home, and place it in a prominent place, like on the mantle.

Response 7:

I think he helped us! We sold in 6 days and I swear St. Joe had a hand in it! Although, (we were told), burry him upside down, 3 feet from the foundation in our backyard, facing away from the house. We also dug him up after closing and now he stands in our new home.
We got him on Ebay.

Response 8:

I did it six months ago...had to use a hammer to get him into the hard dry adobe soil we have...think I killed him because we are STILL on the market.

Response 9:

I just ordered one on ebaY :P


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