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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Media... Just Shut the **** Up!

Another beauty from HDTV’s Buying and Selling Homes Forum. Apparently the housing collapse is all the media's fault!


Ya know I wish the media would just shut the **** up about home sales already. It's stressful enough in today's market trying to sell yet everynite on the news they have to announce HOME SALES ARE DROPPING! MAKES ME WANNA PUKE!

Response 1:

You have to take selling your home in your own hands now. The realtors are not bringing the buyers in! Put your home on Craigslist!
My house is sold thanks to myself and Craigslist.
The media loves to just flap their lips about negative stuff.
Believe me, you can sell your home at a good price. I did.

There's no place like home...

Response 2:

I agree whole heartedly. All the media wants to report is gloom and doom. They can even make things look bad that aren't bad. One realtor we spoke with, (friend) told us not to pay attention to the media. She said she is still selling homes every week.

Response 3:

Yeah, I know that it is real estate gloom and doom all day long in the media. Unfortunately, the market in my area agrees with alot of what they are saying. I've lost at least $50,000 in equity in my house in the past year, based on what houses are selling for now compared to last year at this time.

Response 4:

Yes, it is certainly getting harder and harder to stay positive when there is all this negativity around you re: home sales. I was thinking the same thing you were re: the media and it's apparent blitz on the state of the housing market.

We too didn't buy during a boom - atleast I don't think we did. We weren't following the news of the economic state at that time. All we knew is we found a found we liked in a magazine. John just went to the grocery store. We hadn't even thought or talked about buying at that time. He just grabbed the mag like he always did. We had just finished renovating our apartment - complete gut job. It was in my BIL's 2 family house.

Misery loves company I guess. There are a boatload of us out here trying to sell our homes.

Response 5:

I agree with you....seems like every other day there is a rather depressing article on the FRONT page no less...about how bad the Real Estate market is....


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