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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Molly"... an Incentive?

Apparently, home sellers are beginning to completely lose their marbles down in Florida. It seems that one seller is even offering their dog Molly as an incentive to the buyer of their $2.9 million single family!!

Read this article from First Coast News 25:


JACKSONVILLE, FL -- It's a buyer's market and sellers are offering creative incentives to reel potential homeowners in.

Take a ride through almost any neighborhood in Jacksonville and you'll see "For Sale" signs on plenty of streets.

"Sellers are now becoming a little more creative, so they're trying to lure buyers in," said local realtor Anita Vining.

One home in Neptune Beach is going for $2.8 million. The seller is throwing in a $200,000 boat if the asking price is paid. Another house in San Marco valued at $300,000 is offering a brand new Hyundai to whoever pays their asking price.

Incentives are the name of the buying game and one of the most interesting out there right now is "Molly" the dog, going for $2.9 million. The owner's four bedroom, four bath house on the river comes with "Molly."

"You'll see some sellers paying closing costs. Other sellers are offering to pay points on their mortgage to buy their rates down," said Vining.

Real estate experts on the First Coast believe buyers are in the driver's seat. "There's a lot of inventory on the market to sell. The buyer can pick and choose their product. Buyers are more in control than they were before," according to Northeast Florida real estate expert Raymond Rodriguez.

Motivated home sellers are even enlisting the help of home auction companies to help them move their products. "They come to us and they want to get rid of it quickly," said Vita Paltridge, a realtor with Good Earth Realty and Auction Company in Palatka.

If you do decide to buy a home from someone offering a creative incentive, real estate experts warn that you get everything in writing to avoid problems later on.


  • That's totally f*cked up! If I were a potential idiot...I mean buyer...I would definitely cross that seller off my list! To give away a pet like a piece of furniture tells you what type of people you're dealing with: unethical a**holes!

    Sorry...I'm an animal person. I take that type of thing seriously.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:33 PM  

  • Hmm. Where are insane animal rights activists when you really need them?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:58 PM  

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