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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Real Estate Agents are "Dumb and Lazy"

Here's a press release from WebWire showing some infighting in the real estate crowed. According to this real estate agent, the housing slowdown will separate the intelligent from the "dumb and lazy".


The home selling slump separates real estate agents in two categories: the intelligent and trained or the dumb and lazy. In the old days, this might be called separating the "men from the boys." While tens of thousands of people throughout America whine about the real estate prices taking a dive, the smart agents are still very busy because they know top-notch, professional marketing and they know human behavior.

A professional marketer wouldn’t sell a house by simply placing picture ads and waiting for the phone to ring. The pro knows you need to find a niche of motivated home buyers. Analyze the demographics and psychographics. Match the results to your present inventory on the MLS. And approach the niche directly by appealing to their specific desires.

Furthermore, the smart agent knows people buy based on emotions. The trained agent can separate the sellers emotions while tapping into the buyers emotions. Then matching the motivated, niche home buyer’s emotions and house. This is what sells homes in any market. Not aimlessly advertising to the masses.

"I provide four niches most agents overlook. They’re a goldmine," says author David Anthony.

The details are available in a new Special Report entitled "Buyers Market Made Easier." The author has a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, was a licensed real estate agent and has 12 years experience as a mortgage broker. You can download the PDF document for $12.97 at

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